Being a very visual person, I have always enjoyed photography. I remember saving diligently for my first 110 format camera and taking the trip to the store with my parents to buy it. What a thrill! Since then, wherever I have traveled, I have taken photos. Growing up on the East Coast, I enjoyed the beauty of the lushness of Maryland, but also of the architecture of the Nation’s Capitol, which was not far from my home. When I graduated high school, my family moved to California, and I haven’t looked back. I was amazed upon moving to California at the variety of scenic venues. Having always enjoyed God’s creation, I decided I wanted to try to capture the beauty of it. When I graduated college, my parents bought me my first film SLR camera. That gift opened up a whole new world. Knowing of my love for animals, my husband started a tradition when we got married to take me to a zoo or animal park every year for my birthday. My husband enjoys watching me take pictures and also taking pictures of me taking pictures (see above =). I have traveled with my husband around the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. This year, I am looking forward to fulfilling a lifelong dream of going on a safari! Watch for pictures! =)

I am amazed at the beauty of the world we live in and the variety that it contains. I am constantly trying to capture the beauty of what I see. Since they don’t usually cooperate and sit still when I am trying to photograph them, my biggest challenge is trying to capture wild animals. Hence my biggest reward is being able to get good shots of wild animals that don’t look like they’re in a zoo. Currently, I prefer to use a digital SLR, since receiving my first one from my husband in 2007. I was finally ready to convert from film, and have been very blessed by the technology since I no longer worry about running out of film!

In 2009, I took my photography public. My art work has been displayed at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville, California, and the Artist Studio in the Foothills in Grass Valley, California. I have also won several awards for my photography at the local county fair, and I have been published in two books. My latest joy is taking portraits. I love to capture the spirits of my subjects and am so enjoying working with and meeting new people. I pray that you are blessed by and enjoy what you see!